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Local Field Trip: Pick Your Own Blueberries in the Hudson Valley

Summer is in full swing, and the perfect way to celebrate it is to go blueberry picking! Upstate New York is a great destination for this timeless activity, and it is something that our guests at Silver Maple Farm enjoy doing during their stay.

Two photos overlayed, one of a blueberry bush and one of rows of blueberry bushes at a farm
Blueberry Farms

What to Know Before You Go Blueberry Picking

Before heading out to a nearby farm to pick your own blueberries in the Hudson Valley, it is important to note a few essentials. Make sure you dress appropriately for the activity. Wear comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes, and a hat to protect yourself from the heat. Some of the best times to pick blueberries are early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the weather is cooler, but check with the farm you've chosen to find out their Pick Your Own hours. Keep an eye out for the signs that indicate the blueberries are ripe. Ripe blueberries are a dark purple blue color and should come off the bush easily.

Which Farms to Visit

Now, the exciting bit! Let's talk about the farms to visit while staying at our boutique bed and breakfast.

Love Apple Farm in Ghent is a perfect pick for those who want to experience blueberry picking and organic farming. They've been a part of the Hudson Valley's agricultural community for over 50 years and even offer blueberry jam making classes in their farm store!

Another option is Samascott Orchard in Kinderhook, which is known for its berry-rich harvests and its scenic countryside setting. They update their website weekly with the list of all the Pick Your Own harvest. For example, they currently are offering blueberries, blackberries, beets, string beans, etc! Be sure to click the link to their website prior to planning your trip.

Lastly, there's the local favorite, Chatham Berry Farm, where you can find a variety of berries and an array of farm-fresh products. Their Farmer's Market is open 364 days a year and offers delightful farm to table goodies. It's become a guest favorite for a quick stop and authentic Hudson Valley flavors.

Blueberry picking offers more than just a tasty fruit harvest. It provides an opportunity for an outing, to be outside and connect with nature, and to enjoy a day in the Hudson Valley. Being in the fields and seeing where food comes from is a fantastic way to educate yourself, learn the importance of local produce, support the community of farmers and appreciate the beauty of our countryside here in the valley. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. They are low in calories and can help lower blood pressure, improve mental health, and boost immunity. Once you've picked your blueberries, you can use them in a variety of ways. You can freeze them for later use to add them to smoothies, pancakes, or muffins, or make a delicious blueberry pie or jam. The possibilities are endless! Plus, the blueberry harvests will make a lovely and healthy snack during your stay. Maybe you can even convince Chloe to use them in her famous breakfast pastries.

We hope this inspires you to add Blueberry Picking to your summer bucket list! The Inn at Silver Maple Farm looks forward to hosting you. Thank you for reading.

The Team at Silver Maple Farm

Looking for another adventure? Try staying at one of our sister properties in the Catskills in Tannersville or Woodstock with {verdigreen} hotels .

Remember to follow Silver Maple Farm on Instagram and Facebook, and tell us about your stay over at Trip Advisor. We look forward to hosting your next upstate getaway!

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