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Sean and Chloe Innkeepers Silver Maple Farm

Chloe and Sean relocated from Florida in 2021 and are thrilled to be running their own inn!

Chloe is from The Philippines and is a trained pastry chef and hotelier. She has studied in both the US and her home country and most recently obtained her MBA from DeVry University. Chloe has worked for several luxury hotels including The Peninsula Manila, Edsa Shangri-La, Chatham Bars Inn and The Ritz-Carlton, Naples focusing on pastry and hotel operations.

Sean, originally from North Carolina, has a variety of work experience in golf and country clubs focusing primarily on building maintenance. He also brings his own culinary experience to the inn and is a jack of all trades.

In their spare time, Chloe and Sean enjoy hiking, fishing, watching movies, exploring the local restaurant scene and cuddling with their newly adopted kittens. They are excited to meet you soon!


A picture of the owners, Azie and Travis

Travis, Azie, and their sons (Hunter + Kingston) discovered Silver Maple Farm in 2019 and knew it had potential to be restored as a {verdigreen} branded boutique hotel. In 2021 after meeting with Sean and Chloe and deeming them a perfect fit for the inn, they closed on the farmhouse. 

Travis is an experienced hotelier with over 20 years in the hotel and leisure industry. He most recently spent five years at Highgate Hotels.  As a result of his success in executing a turnaround effort for over 1,000 New York City rooms owned by DiamondRock Hospitality, he received the 2017 Leadership Award from the publicly traded lodging REIT.

Prior to Highgate Hotels, Travis was a Managing Director at Centerboard Group, where he co-founded Roughneck Lodging, a temporary workforce lodging company for oil & gas, mining, power and infrastructure projects. 

Before joining Centerboard, his career experience included roles such as the VP of Special Asset Management at TriMont Real Estate Advisors, Vice President in the Real Estate Investment Banking Group at Bank of America, and Director at CNL Hotels & Resorts.  He is known for his love of basketball, his personal take on street style, and his proficiency in creating complex Excel spreadsheet models that dazzle board members. 

Azie Shelhorse is an accomplished interior designer + artist with experience in both hotel and residential spaces. She collaborated on projects with Marriott, Highgate Hotels, Aparium Hotel Group and DiamondRock Hospitality, prior to launching her own boutique hotel collection with Travis in 2019.

Azie has a creative arts background and her design work has been featured in a number of publications, including Elle Decor, Lodging Magazine, Hotel News Now, InspireDesign, Travel & Leisure, Forbes Magazine, Architectural Digest, Montclair Magazine, and Domino Magazine. She been one of the 70 New York City area designers featured in Housing Works’ Design on a Dime benefit for several years, and has a strong social media following.​ She is best known for her authentic original interiors, her compassion for the community, and her casual zodiac references to explain everything that happens in her life. 

More important than his extensive hospitality and finance background or her interior design accolades, on Travis' first date with Azie in January 2006, he told her he was going to have his own hotel one day. They were in their late 20s, eating at an Italian restaurant overlooking Lake Fairy in Longwood, Florida. Once he got her attention, he also asked if she would ever consider moving to New York. She promptly canceled her newly minted cabaret contract which would have taken her to Tokyo and far away from him. Six months later, they packed up their lives into a UHaul and drove up the East Coast together to take a chance on love. 

They opened their storefront {verdigreen}, a design-focused indie home furnishings shop and painting studio, in 2010. They had two showroom locations in Montclair and the East Village, NYC, before retiring from retail in 2020 to focus on their growing boutique lodging brand, {verdigreen} hotels. ​​


Silver Maple Farm is such a great addition to their collection of small experiential properties and they would love to hear about your stay! 

Visit their other {verdigreen} hotel properties: Twin Gables, and Hotel Mountain Brook, in upstate New York. Or for a change of scenery, check out Marrero's Guest Mansion in Key West. 

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