It’s All About the Azek

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It’s All About the Azek, Inn at Silver Maple Farm

The front porch.  The first thing guests see as they walk up to the front door of the Inn at Silver Maple Farm.  We have had a lovely wooden porch, made from fir.  Really just as nice as can be.  And a wood porch comes with responsibilities, oh yes.  And those responsibilities are MY responsibilities.  Sanding and painting.  Sanding and painting.  Sanding and painting.  And don’t forget the runner – we need the runner so that guests who are here on a rainy day won’t find the wooden surface slick and slip.  And the runner needs to be sourced and replaced pretty much every other year.  And they don’t always have nice ones that I like.  And oh boy, my lovely fir porch was quite a source of exasperation.  So, I consulted.  I was shown Azek.  And my life then changed.  Don’t get me wrong – this was a pretty pricey life change.  But oh, the porch looks sooooo good.  And the textured surface is slip proof and worry free.  Yeah. . . I kinda love it.  No more sanding and painting and hunting runners for this innkeeper.