Blueberry Hill Market Cafe

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Blueberry Hill Market Cafe, Inn at Silver Maple Farm

One of our favorite lunch spots is Blueberry Hill Market Cafe in New Lebanon. It’s only a few miles from the Inn at Silver Maple Farm, and well worth the short drive.  They serve breakfast and lunch all day long, and have a good variety of delicious bakery treats in addition to a nice little gourmet market, bursting with locally grown and produced foods and condiments. I typically go for the bacon and brie omelette, but have also enjoyed the breakfast burrito and bagel with lox and cream cheese. Everything is always fresh! The atmosphere is casual and friendly – just order at the counter from the chalkboard menu overhead, and they bring your order to your table when it is ready. Located on Route 20 (in a building that is now the color of a blueberry and very easy to spot!), it is the perfect lunch spot to round out your day at one of the Behold! New Lebanon programs, Hancock Shaker Village, or a day of skiing and snowboarding at Jiminy Peak. Check it out!